“I hired Michelle to help coach me through a significant transition in my career. My experience with her was invaluable. With her help and guidance, I not only uncovered and defined my goals for the future, but was able to begin my transition to a new and more fulfilling career.”

“As a Coach, Consultant and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, I’m particular, and critical of those I ask for guidance. Michelle is a coaches coach. She is a skillful communicator who utilizes a healthy blend of coaching, mentoring, and consulting to achieve results. I worked with Michelle during a critical time in my professional and personal development. As a result, I continue to take the ‘path less chosen’ guided by the inspiration I gained from the time well spent working with Michelle.”

“Michelle is the coach and ally that helps her clients deal with transition by setting realistic goals and leading them along every step and bump along the way. She has taught me that I don’t have to choose between a career and a family, and has helped me create the balanced life I always wanted. Michelle is essential as an objective figure during any transition in life. Bring her in and see your life transformed.”

“Michelle’s intuitive nature and unique style allow her to zoom in on the problem and offer sound advice on how to overcome it. She is genuine, oozes with enthusiasm and ideas, and is the ideal coach to have in your life when you're trying to embark on change. She helped me to transition my career and start my own business.”

“Michelle was an invaluable resource through all aspects of my career search and negotiations. From helping identify my career goals, determine companies that best suit my personality to establishing key contacts and assisting me in securing interviews, Michelle worked tirelessly on my behalf. Ultimately, her tenacity led me to my current position which has proven to be a great fit and certainly a place where I will continue to grow.”

“Michelle has always been a great sounding board for career exploration discussions. She’s a great listener, and she listens in a way that guides you to discoveries. Combine that with a sharp intellect, strong analytics, a strong corporate background, and the genuine interest she has in seeing people succeed — it’s a powerful combination and she's a great person to have on your side.”

“I was involved with bringing Michelle Wolf into the USC Marshall MBA Career Resource Center as one of the thought leaders for the students interested in a marketing career. She was not only a pleasure to work with, but also some of the best new blood for the organization. She’s got a tremendous amount of marketing experience to impart and was a tremendous help for many of the students. We collaborated on a few projects and presentations together and I can’t say enough good things about her work-style and energy. She’s just a wonderful person and I'd work with her again — anytime, anywhere.”

“Michelle’s coaching style is direct, to the point, and full of great insight — and she always knows exactly when humor is the best remedy for a tough moment. I always feel well cared for and well guided in my coaching sessions with Michelle. She is a compassionate and thoughtful practioner of the art of coaching.”

“Michelle’s background, experience and top notch interpersonal skills make her an ideal coach. During our time together at the Marshall School, Michelle was one of the most sought after career advisors by the MBA students. She not only provided great advice to students but had the ability to motivate students to action enabling them to reach their career goals. It is clear that the coaching process comes natural to Michelle and she thrives on helping others achieve success.”

“Michelle is a very sharp, intelligent and loyal business associate. She is a quick learner and a creative thinker. I would enthusiastically recommend her!”

“Michelle is one of the most positive-minded and inventive individuals to have on your side. She is very personable yet challenges the status-quo. Her drive and enthusiasm is infectious and her results speak for themselves.”

“As a career counselor, Michelle gave me just what I needed when I needed it — whether it was a cheerleader or a reality check! She helped me stay the course and focus on what I really wanted, both personally and professionally.  The results speak for themselves.  Today, I am living my dream job!”